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A tool to scaffold new projects, simple enough that you would want to define your own skeletons (aka generators).

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Run makes

As long as you have Node.js installed, you can run makes without any installation.

npx makes <skeleton_provider>

makes dumberjs

Example skeletons


Skeletons for current Aurelia.

npx makes aurelia/v1

Aurelia CLI internally uses the above command when user does au new.


Skeletons for upcoming Aurelia 2. Currently in early-alpha stage.

npx makes aurelia


Try dumberjs skeleton to create various types of front-end projects. dumberjs is a JavaScript bundler using AMD module format for front-end SPA apps.

npx makes dumberjs

npx makes dumberjs is a conventional short-cut of npx makes dumberjs/new.


A skeleton demo for plain simple one file project.

npx makes makesjs/demo1


A skeleton demo for customised questions and feature folders.

npx makes makesjs/demo2


“makes” is licensed under the MIT license.


“makes” borrowed code from prompts, preprocess, and aurelia-cli.