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Multi-select Prompt

  1. Multiple and choices
  2. Shape of answer
  3. Flat features array
  4. Default answer

Multiple and choices

The multi-select prompt in makesjs/demo2 questions.js:

module.exports = [
  // ...
    multiple: true,
    message: 'Do you want some common files?',
    choices: [
      {value: 'gitignore', selected: true, title: '.gitignore'},
      {value: 'gitattributes', selected: true, title: '.gitattributes', hint: '.gitattributes file to normalize EOL char on win32.'},
      {value: 'license', title: 'LICENSE (MIT)'}
  // ...

multi-select prompt1

The multi-select prompt is almost same as a normal select prompt, with one extra field multiple: true.

The shape of the choices is also same, with one extra optional field selected, which affects default answer. Multi-select also requires every choice with a non-empty value, because a missing value doesn’t make any sense in multi-select.

Shape of answer

While normal select prompt returns a string or undefined, multi-select prompt always returns an array.

  1. When end user selected zero choice, the answer is an empty array.
  2. When end user selected one or more choices, the answer is array of those values.

Flat features array

The answer of multi-select is flattened in fetures array. For example, if features array is ['a'], then a multi-select returns answer ['b', 'c'], the features array is updated to ['a', 'b', 'c'] (not ['a', ['b', 'c']]).

Default answer

The default answer of a regular multi-select is an empty array. But you can turn on selected: true on some choices to mark default answer.

The default answer for the example multi-select above is ['gitignore', 'gitattributes'].